Meisenthal Glasart

In search of rare production places, the designers of „Generation Köln“ travelled to Meisenthal, France.

The border region of the Northern Vosges is home to a centuries-long glass tradition, which is preserved by the Center International d'Art Verrier (CIAV). The designers met glass artisans who have been practicing their craft for decades and yet challenge them every day. In harmony with the experience and skills of the glassblowers as well as the malleability of glass, around 25 objects were created. Each of them reflects the different approaches of the designers. Some are based on one of the 2000 steel moulds of the in-house mould library, for others completely new moulds were made from wood, sheet metal or stone, and still others can do without moulds at all.

During the Passages in January 2021, the objects from Meisenthal will be placed in the context of the Church St. Gertrud, built by Cologne architect Gottfried Böhm.

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