14.01. - 20.01.2019

Generation Köln im Bunker am Bahngleis

Passagen Köln - Bunker am Bahngleis

The surreal scenery of the bunker at the railway line becomes the stage for the designers of „Generation Köln“.

What connects the designers is their interest for people, objects and spaces. They absorb their surrounding and reflect their thoughts in the form of products. Intertwining the correlation between product and presentation they create new perspectives. Karoline Fesser is showing products of different categories which have one thing in common: They are made of powder. Klemens Grund is referring to traditional craftsmanship and architectural constructions what results in functional furniture. Thomas Schnur is presenting his thoughts and impressions towards the development process of his recent chair designs. Tim Kerp is portraying the city of Cologne and invites the visitors to join his virtual journey.


Photos by Alexander Böhle

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