15.01. - 21.01.2018

Generation Köln in der Galerie Ruttkowski

Passagen Köln - Galerie Ruttkowski

Driven by ideas regarding construction, form and colour the Cologne designers Karoline Fesser, Meike Harde, Klemens Grund, Tim Kerp and Thomas Schnur develop products for the everyday life. Personal perceptions are being expressed through tangible objects as chairs, tables or wardrobes. As solving a mathematical formula, the designers elaborate their ideas to concentrate them in products.

Karoline Fesser develops a stool which reminds of an anonymous workshop stool but is made entirely out of wood. Meike Harde establishes a technique of manipulating wooden surfaces which has its origins in painting. Klemens Grund translates architectural constructions into functional furniture. Tim Kerp has his interest in the efficiency of material and production which leads him to products for the private and public space. Thomas Schnur observes and analyses the everyday life where he discovers principles for furniture designs.

The designer´s objects are accompanied by works of the product and interior photograph Thomas Wiuf Schwartz. He is known for his calm and nuanced colour compositions which transport a feeling of lightness and curiosity.


Photos by Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

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