Generation Köln

The „Generation Köln“ names an exhibition format initiated by Sabine Voggenreiter, founder of Passagen in Cologne, which is currently occupied by Karoline Fesser, Klemens Grund, Tim Kerp and Thomas Schnur.

After the opening exhibition at DDW 2017, there were exhibitions at Bureau Europa in Maastricht (2018), at the Passagen in Cologne (2018 / Galerie Ruttkowski, 2019 / Bunker am Bahngleis, 2020 / Galerie Martina Kaiser) and 2020 in the Werkraum Bregenzerwald in Andelsbuch.

The exhibition format offers mutual criticism and the transfer of personal points of view in the design of furniture and products. Originally initiated as a platform for personal statements, the exhibition format currently consists of a group of designers who examine and reflect socially relevant topics through their designs. Karoline Fesser, Klemens Grund, Tim Kerp and Thomas Schnur initiated a cooperation with the craftsmen of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald in 2019. They travelled to the Austrian border region of Vorarlberg, which they portrayed through products made from silver fir. These products were shown in the Martina Kaiser gallery in Cologne. The experience of meeting exceptionally well-founded handicrafts and production facilities of sustainability in the Bregenzerwald led them to their current project: A trip to the Centre International d`Art Verrier in Meisenthal. Here, in cooperation with the glassblowers, they developed glass objects that will be exhibited in 2021 in the St. Gertrud Church, built by the Cologne architect Gottfried Böhm.

Karoline Fesser



"For me it is the personal encounters and the directness of the making that I particularly appreciate about working with „Generation Köln“. In the confrontation with other strong characters, both within the group and in the people we work with, the respective points of view are clarified and sharpened. Decisive for the designs are the material and the skills, possibilities and interests of the craftsmen on site. A more direct and respectful way of working is hard to imagine."



Klemens Grund



"To put it in keywords: joy, people, encounters, places, products and progress.
Enjoying and having fun is the most important thing for me. I don't want to walk around the world like an investor and ask myself how much I put in and how much I get out. I want to spend my life joyfully and the Generation Köln offers me the opportunity to do so"

Tim Kerp



"For me the fascination of the project „Generation Köln“ lies mainly in the power of the group, created by strong individuals who pursue a common goal with great enthusiasm. At the same time it offers me the opportunity to grow as a designer, because we have the freedom to research and impart independently in the field of object culture."

Thomas Schnur



"For me, the strength of „Generation Köln“ lies in the diversity of the individual personalities who are willing to dedicate their current exhibitions to a socially relevant region and its production facilities. Despite or because of individual approaches, the exhibitions leave a formative impression with many facets. Emerging furniture and objects serve as mediators of personal thoughts and discoveries in the form of objects for everyday use"


  • 2021 Kirche St. Gertrud - Köln
  • 2020 - Köln
  • 2020 DDW - Eindhoven/Digital
  • 2020 Werkraum Bregenzerwald - Andelsbuch
  • 2020 Passagen Köln - Galerie Martina Kaiser
  • 2019 Passagen Köln - Bunker am Bahngleis
  • 2018 Bureau Europa - Maastricht
  • 2018 Pasagen Köln - Galerie Ruttkowski
  • 2017 DDW - Kazerne - Eindhoven

Cooperation Partner

  • Werkraum Bregenzerwald
  • CIAV Meisenthal


  • Passagen Prize 2020


  • 2020/09 dds
  • 2020/03 FAZ
  • 2020/03 Bauwelt
  • 2020/03 exakt
  • 2020/02 designmilk
  • 2020/02 md Magazin
  • 2020/02 smow
  • 2020/01 Möbelmarkt
  • 2020/01 Lokalzeit
  • 2020/01 Kölnische Rundschau
  • 2020/01 Kölner Stadtanzeiger
  • 2020/01 Holz-Zentralblatt
  • 2020/01 baunetz interior | design
  • 2020/01 interior | fashion
  • 2019/11 das ideale heim
  • 2019/03 dds
  • 2019/01 exakt