Vier Designer. Verbunden durch Ihr Interesse für Menschen, Dinge und Räume.




„Generation Köln“ nimmt an der virtuellen Dutch Design Week 2020 teil.


"Cologne is home to a growing design industry, whose players creatively shape our location and make it shine outwards - even beyond the borders of the state. Focusing on the theme of craftsmanship, the „Generation Köln“ group developed special design pieces of craftsmanship in cooperation with the "Werkraum Bregenzer Wald". As part of a metropolis, we as Cologne's business development agency think and act internationally in many areas and are pleased that young, innovative and courageous designers from Cologne have already made a name for themselves and continue to do so - despite the current restrictions.

Dr. Frank Obermaier
Head of Business Development
KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung

"As a curator, I am pleased to be able to participate in this journey and share the experiences of the group „Generation Köln“ and to benefit from their inspiration, creativity, creative morals, appreciation of craftsmanship, humor and critical spirit: Merci!"

Sabine Voggenreiter
PASSAGEN Interior Design Week Köln

„...This work, this collection, this entire project in all its facets, sets standards and can hardly be surpassed...“

Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer

Jury Spokesman